Reflector CE EN13356

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17th Sep, 2009



The slap wrap is called reflective armband, Tackle band ( Snap band ), reflective slap wrap, reflective bracelet, magic ruler, slap armband ruler, fluorescent armband etc. it is used when walking, jogging, an cycling for safety reason.

To use the slap wrap, hold the reflective surface upward and hold tightly one end of the reflective band, tap the wrist / ankle gently to let it wind around, To straighten unwind the strap and stretch it until it makes a sound like a “crack” .

In Europe market for the reflective slap wrap,  EN13356 standard is requested if it is for safety use.  the lime or silver color is available for EN13356.  you can put other colorful pvc under the silver reflective vinyl to get more color for the design.

It is a very nice item for promotion.

Instruction of the slap wrap
a) Do not bend the wrong way as this can damage the product.
b) Not suitable for children under 3 years old and store in a safe place out of the reach of children.
c) Do not use it if the outer plastic peels off and the inner steel is exposed.
d) Do not put into mouth or use it to poke anyone.
e) Do not scrape off the reflective surface.
g) Do not place close to fire.

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Refleksprodukter – Slapwrap refleksarmbånd CE EN13356!
Armbind som automatisk “krøller” seg rundt armer eller ben ved hjelp av en fjær som er innebygget i produktet.
Leveres i gul eller hvit farge.
Langtidsholdbar fjær (ikke “kampanjefjær” som er mye slappere).
NB! Må ikke bøyes feil vei da dette kan ødelegge produktet.
3m refleks.
Min 1000 stk.1-2 trykk farger.

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email:   EN13356(at)


Name. Plastic Stick On Window Car Sign, Baby On Board Sign
Art No. T-A01

Material: Plastic (PP)

Size: 150x150x1mm (LxHxT)

Suction: To have a hole punched in top corner and sucker attached

Packing:Bulk packed in large polybags of 100 then in cartons Carton


Art No. SR901

Reflective Zipper Puller, Zipper Puller Reflector, Soft PVC Reflective Badge & Zip-Pull

Car shape design that is fun to wear while promoting personal safety.
Reflextix Zipper Pulls are used on jackets,jeans & more, to help reduce accidents & fatalities. They are colorful and highly reflective.

Size: 5X5cm


Art No. HV301

Material:  Fluo.yellow or orange mesh fabric. (customized color is avaiable like blue, black etc.)

Reflective vinyl in 2 inch width

16 LEDs  in function of Flashing-Steady-Off

Battery: 2 pcs AA

6th Mar, 2009


Art No. HV002

Reflective Vest CE EN471 Class 2 certificated.

100% polyester knitting fluo. fabric about 125grm/m2

with EN471 Class 2 reflective strip in 5cm width.

Size avaiable.  XS to XXL

Logo printing: available.


Art No. DGV01

Millions of pets are hit on the roadway every year and we lost them like we lost our friends.

Let’s put a reflective vest for them when they go out for play to pretect them from traffic accident. With fluorescent yellow fabric, it can be seen easier in day time; With the reflective material sealing  on the vest, it can be seen on the roadway by the drivers about 200 meters distance.

The dog safety jacket DGV01 has many sizes like XS,S,M,L for different dogs.